Off-brand Lego is a bit crap innit?

So the Cool Builds I’ve been working on turned into a Lame Toys. Dealing with a lack of directions beyond a single picture between all three “modes” of these little builds requires looking at my phone in order to manipulate the tiny things in front of the camera to get them into the proper shape. […]

Video & Budget

Not much here, just covering some blog tech. As helpful as it is my camera phone can’t handle longer videos. The idea behind Cool Builds was to build and discuss various Lego/Brand sets or other people’s original builds and either record putting them together or show off some of the things that they do. This […]


It’s been too long since I did a movie, toy, art, book, or writing post. Spring is here and I’ve started getting yard work done, I’ve started getting house work done, and I’ve been getting more and more side-tracked from the blog, mostly from procrastination at the start of every project. This is a blog […]