Overdue but Awesome

A while ago I got really focused on writing over on Twitter. Then the seasonal Winter Blues kicked in. December was filled with Christmas, Hannuka, and my sister’s wedding and once the new year hit and I was ready to get things going with a brand new digital camera I ended up leaving my laptop […]

Music Monday: Folk beyond time

I’m going to be up front about this: I am not always the best with lyrics. I went through several potential songs to share today and I kept hitting roadblocks with them because I don’t speak any European languages. I fell asleep to rain last night and today has been misty and cool so I’ve […]

Flopping in the River

Gather ’round and let me tell you about the time Old Man River beat me up and stole my shoes. The setting: Colorado, a small plot of cabins outside Estes Park. It was both my first trip and the first time that the whole family went together and Dad had rented a nice cabin in […]