Music Monday: Sleep ‘N’ Slide

I’veĀ  been doing fairly well with focusing on the blog over the past few days, due in part to figuring that I could do some light yard work on Saturday when it was seventy-one degrees out. I raked leaves away from the storm drain spill and part of the flower bed and filling a single […]

Music Monday: The Boys Are Back In Town, no gimmick.

The Backstory, skip to the “line” for tl;dr: Yesterday was Daylight Savings Time. I’d had a late Saturday night watching a half great-half garbage line-up with the B-Movie TV weekend crew so I didn’t get to bed until around 2am. Normally that doesn’t have too much of an effect on me but DST always messes […]

Tuesday Tunes: A Graceful Breakdown

You know the drill. It was Monday and I was either too busy or too forgetful to remember that it was Monday. You would think by now that having a consistent hankering for a sub from my favorite pizza place on the day that it’s closed would be a dependable clue, but then you aren’t […]