The Hunt for Harvey

Many years back on my first trip to Mexico to visit my grandmother in Tepoztl├ín, who moved there when she retired, I would frequent the outdoor and covered markets. You could find anything there, especially bizarre knockoff toys or just “original” ones of such poor quality that you took a risk spending even a single […]

The next few weeks

Weird Shit started off as just the Facebook page and most of the content reflects the stunted format that you have to use there. As such, the next several updated need to be added to or completely re-written in order to make sense in blog format. So I’ll be spending a day or two in […]

A bit of the daily weird

I had an appointment with my local chiropractor earlier today and on the way out the door I found this cricket perched on the door handle. I caught an Uber to my appointment, handled the “questions and consultation” part of the first appointment pretty well as far as such things go with me, and got […]