Music Monday: Folk beyond time

I’m going to be up front about this: I am not always the best with lyrics. I went through several potential songs to share today and I kept hitting roadblocks with them because I don’t speak any European languages. I fell asleep to rain last night and today has been misty and cool so I’ve […]

Failed TV Pilots 2

Previously, on Failed TV Pilots: Roddy Piper and Jesse Ventura wrestled their way into the police department, Hitler got an abominable 50’s-styled sitcom, and Officer Poochinski’s soul was bound through infernal means to Freddy Fazbear’s mechanical uncanny dog. I still maintain that Tagteam should have made an absolute killing back in 1991 as the time […]

The Weird Radar: Greatland

The Contact One of the things that I enjoy the most about running a blog dedicated to weirdness is being contacted by and befriending other people with a similar eye for the unusual. I’ve been introduced to people through art, writing, even the occasional cheap dollar store toy. Recently it was my appetite for strange […]

Music Monday: The Boys Are Back In Town, no gimmick.

The Backstory, skip to the “line” for tl;dr: Yesterday was Daylight Savings Time. I’d had a late Saturday night watching a half great-half garbage line-up with the B-Movie TV weekend crew so I didn’t get to bed until around 2am. Normally that doesn’t have too much of an effect on me but DST always messes […]

Tuesday Tunes: A Graceful Breakdown

You know the drill. It was Monday and I was either too busy or too forgetful to remember that it was Monday. You would think by now that having a consistent hankering for a sub from my favorite pizza place on the day that it’s closed would be a dependable clue, but then you aren’t […]

Music Monday: I’m Stupid!

Good news: I remembered Monday! Bad news: I remembered Monday at 6:30pm! I slept in, spent noon time watching The Glades and then hoped online to watch videos and listen to horror stories before sinking almost four hours into 7 Days To Die and forgetting to eat more food. I then went out to grab […]