I’ve been sick for the last week-and-change and also really sinking myself into the Twitter writing community so I haven’t been keeping up around here very well. Things will return to regular tomorrow after I catch up with some house work.

Network Issues

My ability to upload new posts may become spotty for a little while. Recently my personal wireless router has been unable to connect with Xfinity and I’m not sure what’s causing it and now even their Xfinity WiFi service has started to drop in and out. Factors could include the heavy rain we’ve been having […]

The Weird Radar: Greatland

The Contact One of the things that I enjoy the most about running a blog dedicated to weirdness is being contacted by and befriending other people with a similar eye for the unusual. I’ve been introduced to people through art, writing, even the occasional cheap dollar store toy. Recently it was my appetite for strange […]

Still at it, just behind the scenes

I’ve got a backlog of entries and a backlog of Reader due to frustration in dealing with Motor Vehicle and Social Security. I need a new card issued in order to get my PA state ID card, something that should have been real easy if I hadn’t made the mistake of trying to actually read […]