Introducing a new idea!

The Guestbook!

What is the Guestbook?

I figure that would be obvious. You’re a guest, you write in it.

Why would you make this?

As an audience participation experiment.

What do you mean, “participation experiment”?

Good question! Get ready to turn on your thinking cap!
I offer you the challenge of thinking up the weirdest word that you can.
It can be a real, definable word that sounds funny.
It can be a fictional word that you just like the sound of.
It can even be some nonsense that you totally just made up!

Why? o_O

For a bit of fun! I want to get people’s creative motors running.
I want to see if I can take this all the way to a daily “Weird Word” feature.
I have to start somewhere, right? Why not with you? 😀

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