Do, or do not.

As Boston sang, it’s been a long time. Much has happened in a year and change, a lot of it stupid but also a lot of good mixed in. My brother and I became uncles in August when our sister gave Dad a granddaughter on his birthday. We will never be able to beat that […]


I’m doing some Spring Cleaning around here because this space is just too chaotic. What’s Going Music MondayI’m tossing out the whole idea of scheduled entries so it’s logical to start with this feature. I simply can’t think of songs consistently enough to feed it and it was really just tacked on from its inception. […]

cheap jokes

Originally posted on WrittenCasey:
Like how clothes made from cheesecloth may suit one’s fancy, thereby, I reserve the right to mispell words in ways that pleas me. Intentional irony. Is that a definition of satire? <my eyelashes innocuously and stupidly batting> The brief rain smelt of Alabama in its kindest springtime offerings. The weather done…


I had a rough several months mental health-wise and had to step away from pretty much everything. House work, socializing, writing prompts. This. Now a lot of it is being shed in massive, sleepy Burning Godzilla bursts. I did some stuff, have a few new memorable tales, and am currently working on an art project […]