Movigos: Bee-horror

Preface: The standard format for Movigos fell apart here, this entry sat in my queue for weeks just mocking me so I activated “Petty Mode” and bite right back. It happens. Collaboration Damn it, Layne. This past month the Movigos were coordinating our plans to come up with the best date to get together for […]

Dairy call it a short story

Colby was a medium-sized wheel of Longhorn cheese. He spent his weekdays working for Wood-Smoked Carpentry since he was able to act as a wedge. One particular Wednesday he had to call in sick to work; It felt like he might be coming down with the flu. Upon arriving at Slice Medical Center, Colby realized […]

Movigos B: Executions in the Deep Dark

(Late due to allergies pill making me tired and being a butt-head in general.) Collaboration In the shuffle between going over to New Jersey for Mother’s Day, carting more of our stuff back home in the van (Our parents gave Glen the family van to replace his aging car because car insurance in that state […]