doing art for television

Had I stayed on top of the whole “blogging” thing this would have gotten a mention sooner. I’ve been working (gratis) with friends over on The B-Zone, an indie B-Movie/Strange Entertainment-themed Roku channel doing animation for their Saturday Midnight slot. I did previous work for their Christmas holiday short and am currently refining the hostess […]

The Absurdities of PA Weather

I take a medication that needs to be prescribed by a psychiatrist. Backstory complete! Do you ever feel like the non-personification that is Life sometimes singles you out from the rest of the marbles because you have a particularly interesting whirly pattern? Of course you do, that’s ego. Welcome to Grievances, starring It’s All About […]

Feeling Shelf-ish

Grab a lawn chair, it’s time for another story. File this one under “a cool idea in theory”. Me and my brother Glen hung out with different groups of friends growing up so we got into different kinds of dumb situations. There weren’t many instances where we got into Brotherly Stupid but the times when […]