Still gears begin groaning

As per several social media announcements, I have been sick for the past two weeks. Word to the wise: if you’ve had your gallbladder removed at some point in the past, avoid milk shakes. Your system will have a horrible time dealing with it, the details of which I leave to your imagination. During this […]

Late-Night Brains

I have a dental appointment tomorrow morning to have a permanent crown put in and I’ve taken my sleep aid with some food, so of course I feel awake. I’m going to pretend that spending all day at the new house waiting for a locksmith that was actually scheduled for today (That would be yesterday […]

Quick Update

There’s going to be a lot of moving, appliance shopping, and Thanksgiving stuff going on here with family coming out to see us. Between that, the short story I’ve been working on thanks to some inspiration from Peter over at Little Fears, and plain old forgetfulness (My birthday was this week and I had not […]


While I get to work on new content for future entries I’m also going to be going back and updating/editing a lot of older posts to both improve the overall continuity of each category and to make some content more “appropriate”. Number One on that second list is the review for The Suckling that I […]

Early AM: The Wigging Hour

The “Wigging Hour”: when you are sweaty and tired but not tired because you can’t sleep so your mind wigs out and starts several thoughts and ideas at the same time. The whole “one of your tooth dyin’” thing has me awake. I watched a few more episodes of Blood Lad, finished the third act […]