A mellow moment
This is me when I’m pretending to be a grown-up and get lazy with the razor.

The way I originally wrote out this page made me sound like a huge mope, which isn’t something I want to convey. Therefore, let’s do it properly.

If you think my tag looks familiar, you’ve most likely crossed paths with me somewhere online. I am “SynapticBoomstick” on just about anything and everything that I use.

This blog is a hobby that I run for both fun and in a bid to entertain people, something to bring a little substance to my day. I started out as a Facebook Page that dealt with cheap or strange toys and gadgets I would find in stores or discover in the wilds of the internet. It was called Buc’ing the Trend, a play on words of bringing my own thoughts onto an internet already overrun with people reviewing this or talking about that. This name was soon abandoned because “bucking the trend” is too common a phrase and any search just buried me under investment sites.

This is me during a productive episode

That simple Page about crappy toys quickly grew like a fungus as I added more weird things that I liked or wanted to talk about. A small vote was held and “Weird $h!t with Alex” became the new title with a whopping three votes. That’s where we are now, only now the title is Weird Shit with Alex because I’m no longer based on Facebook and have no need to worry about angry parents who haven’t explained to their children what “shit” is.

I draw a lot of inspiration from other film review sites and more than a few YouTubers. A steady diet of tongue-in-cheek critical videos and pages upon pages of text eventually led me to give film review a try with my own personal fittings. My YouTube has really only ever just been a repository for vacation stuff to show my family (I might start putting any new videos up there to save space) but I’m a bit more active on b-movie message boards.

I currently discuss toys, movies, art, do the occasional Daily Prompt, write weird fiction stories, share odd thoughts I’ve had, and generally go through bouts of mild procrastination. I might start covering books.

Wooo, that was a bad one! 😀

I am a fan of cheesy “classic” cinema and awful B-Movies (I will often speak at length about the many things I hate about one of my favorite hobbies.) as well as quality Horror and Science Fiction; beyond those easy genres I like too many titles to count. I collect anything related to alligators and crocodiles with ridiculous glee and am a massive Lego Maniac.

Current Bloggingses

  • Lame Toys with Alex, giving the horrid and the unusable their time in the Sun
  • Cool Toys with Alex, because I just can’t resist breaking character now and then
  • Croco-Gators, sharing a personal passion of collecting these in all their forms
  • (Weird) Watching with Alex, garbage cinema, oddities, and the occasional gem
  • Music Mondays with Alex/Music Matching, tunes and a weekly challenge
  • Movigos, film and fiction with friends with Twitter commentary, join in!
  • Accounts of stupid moments in life where thinking was too difficult
  • Short stories that don’t lead anywhere
  • Irregular Daily Prompts, updates, and life jabber
  • Books that I find worthy of Weird or just really like.


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