A mellow moment
Little hair, big forehead!

I spent several happy years being an independent young adult working in the Big Apple until, out of the blue, I was struck down with a multitude of physical and mental maladies that saw me first placed on Disability Leave and then finally unable to return to work at all. Losing your independence is a huge blow to say the least and it’s been many years since, through many doctors and tests and grit, that I’ve battled my way back up to a point where I can mostly take care of myself. Well, as long as I’m in the right environment; still, being disabled is not fun as it prevents me from having much fun.

Simply put, I needed a new hobby, something to bring a little substance to my days. Then I thought, “Why don’t I try goofing around with a blog?” I began with talking about the cheap or strange toys and gadgets I would find in stores or discover in the wilds of the internet. It was called “Buc’ing the Trend”, a play on words of bringing my own thoughts into a blog-o-verse overrun with people reviewing this or talking about that. This name was soon abandoned because “bucking the trend” is too common a phrase and I was buried under investor sites.

What started as a simple blog about crappy toys quickly grew like a fungus as I added more weird things that I liked or wanted to talk about. A small vote was held and “Weird $h!t with Alex” became the new title. That’s where we are now.

I am a fan of cheesy “classic” cinema and awful B-Movies (I will often speak at length about the many things I hate about one of my favorite hobbies.) as well as quality Horror and Science Fiction. Beyond those easy genres I like too many titles to count.

I collect anything related to alligators and crocodiles with ridiculous glee.

I’m a Lego Maniac. Let that speak for itself.

I might start covering books. That was bad.

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