Do, or do not.

As Boston sang, it’s been a long time. Much has happened in a year and change, a lot of it stupid but also a lot of good mixed in. My brother and I became uncles in August when our sister gave Dad a granddaughter on his birthday. We will never be able to beat that so Dad’s just getting tacky grandpa stuff from now on. He and the Babby (MBMBAM MacElroy reference.) are absolutely ridiculous together, he’s a big teddy bear with her and it makes my face hurt from the cute.

I can sing the praises of The waiting list for psychs is brutal at this time and if it weren’t for the guidance, kindness, and wisdom of the specialist I’m currently seeing through the service I would probably have had another breakdown. The immediate is less stressful now or not at all. The world? Well, the world is the world and I’m probably not going to like it for a while yet. Therefore, I must create again.

My blog also needs a design overhaul, wow.

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