I’m doing some Spring Cleaning around here because this space is just too chaotic.

What’s Going

Music Monday
I’m tossing out the whole idea of scheduled entries so it’s logical to start with this feature. I simply can’t think of songs consistently enough to feed it and it was really just tacked on from its inception.

Weird Art
A feature where I showcase other people’s (Credited) work because I like it. Nothing else really needs saying there.

Lame/Cool Toys
I don’t have the budget for collector’s costs or import fees to continue feeding either of these features. The old ones will stand as museum pieces. I’ll still cover my hobbies but it’s going to be in a cost-effective way.

What’s Coming

More Book Talk
I’ve met a bunch of authors and sampled their works-in-progress. I’m working my way through a few titles at the moment so it’s a good time to get back into this feature.

More Movies
I watched a TON of garbage in 2020 and it’s just floating around in my head. Reviews will be shorter with a better focus on the important bits, spoilers a definite in crappier cases. I’d like to bring on my Brother-From-Another-Mother for a collaborative effort, we’ll see how it goes.

More Writing
I have so many short story and nonsense ideas that never saw fruition but it’s never too late!

Looking to Collaborate or Guest

Nothing has stoked a fire under my butt during the past year quite like working on a project that’s either with or for someone else. A team effort kicks me into gear and I crave that feeling. Even if it’s just a hello, drop me a line and let’s interact!

My mind says it reached the end of its news feed so I think we’re good here. Bye for now!

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