doing art for television

Had I stayed on top of the whole “blogging” thing this would have gotten a mention sooner. I’ve been working (gratis) with friends over on The B-Zone, an indie B-Movie/Strange Entertainment-themed Roku channel doing animation for their Saturday Midnight slot. I did previous work for their Christmas holiday short and am currently refining the hostess graphics for Jolefay’s Risque Cinema. It gives me work to keep coming back to and helps my mind get back to “normal” quite a lot, plus it’s fun.

“‘Eyyy, check this action out, wouldya?”

The furry fellow you’re seeing there is Buster Beaver, Jolefay’s cartoon critter cohort who makes an appearance at the outro of each episode to introduce the Count Segment which tallies how many breasts appeared throughout the entire flick. Yep, it’s that kind of light-hearted Euro-inspired program. Er, usually. If you want to learn more about how I bumbled into this opportunity there’s a detailed recounting over on my art page which you can read here.

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