Back to Basics

I’ve been weening myself off of Valium for several months and my temper has come back to haunt me while my system gets used to just having Depakote manage it; it’s a partial symptom of a pseudo-seizure, I won’t take up your time with that. To help manage my mental health during this time I have set myself to quit social media and discussion boards for a month because my mantra of “Do Not Engage” has started to crumble and I don’t need the grief, you know?

So I’ll write my brain out over here. I’ll babble and I’ll tell tales. I’ll share what I find cool and make nonsense videos. I’ll hunt for possible collaboration. I’ll get the spark back because I won’t give myself any other choice or outlet. There’s plenty to do and I’m just going to get to it, no doom-scrolling, no getting into arguments with people that I don’t know, none of that. This house will also be getting back in order even if I need to be tyrannical about it.

That’s it, give or take. Off to roll some d20 and see what the party gets into this time, then it’s creative time on a late Friday night.

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