John Cougar Melonballer

I don’t hate these brick sets, I hate working with them. I have yet another personal delay due to the fact that something from the manufacturing process has rendered them a skin irritant. My hands get itchy and if I happen to touch anywhere else, like to scratch my nose, that also starts to itch. This leaves me with maybe ten to fifteen minutes to wrestle with them before I have to go wash my hands and after a while it just becomes intolerable and I have to break for hours. So now they’re getting a soak in soapy water which I hope will solve this issue. In the meantime I present this preview of one of the two “teams” these sets are broken into: SQUADS “EXtreme ChangabLE”. Yes, each one transforms into three different models and they range from Okay, I See What They Tried For, and Really(?).

The big dinosaur is stupid, my God it is so stupid.

In the meantime, have some classic weird in Albuquerque. I hold the opinion that this is the grandest epic that Weird Al has ever produced and to give you an idea of what kind of person I was in High School I could sing the entire thing verbatim without stopping. Enjoy this “movie” version by RWappin.

“John Cougar Melonballer” was the first thing that popped into my head, hell if I know.

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