Off-brand Lego is a bit crap innit?

So the Cool Builds I’ve been working on turned into a Lame Toys. Dealing with a lack of directions beyond a single picture between all three “modes” of these little builds requires looking at my phone in order to manipulate the tiny things in front of the camera to get them into the proper shape. While I’m doing that they keep coming apart and I start babbling in exasperation to myself while I fix them.

This, plus having to reference a bunch of name sheets, eats up a lot of camera time. The average length of any video I do is around four to five minutes; it took that long just to do the first bot because of all the reasons listed above. So I’m opting instead to do a lot of photos with a short video, under a minute if I can, of each bot going through its motions while I say absolutely nothing, then splicing those all together and putting some cyber track over it.

This mess right here. The stuffiness brought on by 90+ degree heat hasn’t helped.

The new manual push mower arrived today so I’ll be putting that together as well as finishing the reclamation of the kitchen from quarantine apathy so if I don’t get this robot stuff scheduled for publication tomorrow I will definitely aim for Tuesday because that’s more realistic than if I were to say “the day after that”. The Day After That is where procrastination babies are made.

Bigelow’s French Vanilla tea is good. I thought I’d include that because it makes me happy. 002

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