A couple of weird shorts

Right now I’m having more luck with short writing projects so I might as well turn my attention to that other medium where shorts thrive: film. I present these two animated shorts which share the theme “post-disaster setting”.

The first, Less Than Human produced by a 3rd-Year team from The Animation Workshop, takes us into a world that experienced a zombie outbreak. A cure was eventually developed and now the… I’m not exactly sure if they’re still counted as “undead” or not but from what we see I’d have to assume they are. Anyway, they’re just trying to live as close to normal a life as they can in special zones.


This second short, The Origin of Creatures by Floris Kaayk, takes place in a much more ruinous setting. Tons of radiation must have been involved because all the appears to be left of humanity are bizarre mutations composed of masses of limbs and digits with a loose smattering of sensing organs. I’m not going to get into breaking down how a mass of fingers holding an eye would be able to “see” because that quickly becomes the least bizarre thing that we’re treated to. If you’re like me, you’ll understand what’s going on but you also won’t. Cheers! :v

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