Yeah, I do say this a lot-

-but I can cool my workplace now.

I haven’t cleaned my studio since before the quarantine and during that time I was so depressingly sluggish that I couldn’t drag myself to do anything about it. Now all the junk’s been cleared out and the table’s getting a wash. I have a lot of ground to cover so I’ll be starting things off with an easy list-styled video/picture series on a set of those off-brand “3-in-1” brick sets. Actually, I have a lot of those piled up so expect a bunch. If I don’t publish each set as a single piece I’ll break them down into sections or even single parts so I keep busy and don’t simply fart out one post followed by nothing for weeks as has been my MO of late.

I picked up my old notes and got back to work on the Dinocroc vs. Supergator review and will be doing a piece on The Velocipastor after that. Honestly, I can’t recommend that movie enough if you like cheesy-on-purpose action romps. The quarantine was also unexpectedly helpful in providing me with just the plot device I needed for a troublesome short story that requires a guy to hide his face without it being weird. See? Masks really do help.

I’m currently enjoying a few books by various authors from Twitter and most of them are weird-worthy in one sense or another so I’ll finally have more than one book discussed on the blog.

For now I’ll try to be more candid and write little one-offs, share unusual things I find, maybe tell the story of that one time when I was attacked by a ghost. Focus small and it won’t seem overwhelming.

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