Mental Health, or How I’m Getting Ahead By Not Keeping Up

One week ago an overabundance of hyper-negative stimulating factors caused me to shut off all of my social media accounts.

I was tired of being angry every single day, sometimes to an hourly degree, at every stupid thing puked onto Twitter by our own overcooked chunk of General Tso’s Chicken in human form. I was done with constantly marking ever hashtag as spam. I had had enough of the platform overwhelming my activity in the writing community, the thing I derived the most pleasure from, with garbage.

I abandoned deviantART and its god-awful forums, where my discussion choices were either a flood of New Account try-hards attempting to outdo each other with Quarantine-induced boredom cringe and lackluster trolling, or the bottom-feeding assgoblins who would lash out from the Politics section with diarrheal tirades regarding the dumbest shit.

I pulled the plug on Facebook, thoroughly done with the endless stream of parrot-Shared mis-informative posts and images, having to constantly renew the Snooze option on now too large a chunk of my friends and family because I love these people but holy shit, can that platform steer you dumb, and it’s designed to!

For the first few days my mind was in shock from how quiet its pathways suddenly were without a source to force-feed it outrage. At night I had nothing to think about, I only got tired. I haven’t felt naturally tired at 9pm after a day of activity in over three years. Feeling reassured, I tentatively got back onto Facebook with a plan: only log straight onto my homepage for a Daily Update, and any other time only for the live chats for my B-movie channels. It’s worked. I don’t know what anyone’s sharing or what their gripes are because I don’t scroll. tip: not scrolling will solve a huge percentage of your social media angst.

A little while after that I returned to deviantART for my dose of monsters, robots, and weird art. You have to click two buttons to go to the Forums and I just don’t do that. My discussions never stirred up much discussion anyway and I can’t react to something if I don’t open the door like a Collage Kid in a horror movie. Duh.

I’m still off Twitter because of those three it’s the easiest platform to see or get pulled into something that I really don’t want to. I miss the writing community immensely and darted on just long enough to tell them so, jamming my cursor on my account page at cheetah speed in order to avoid Twitter itself before it could intercept me on my tiny goal.

I’m going to continue this way for an unplanned amount of time as my mental health is truly beginning to recover. I have things I want to do here but those things will be between a lot of random stuff. My goal is to eventually do something every day, no matter how small. Thanks to the quarantine I have collected a lot of weird videos and movies and had one or two odd things happen to me so look forward to a bag of those shiny, colorful rocks, I guess.

Take care of yourselves, always make time for you.

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