The Sounds of Weirdness, Pt. 9

We’re up to #9 on the Sounds of Weirdness album and my brain is grateful that it’s back to simple topics and songs. Sort of. Let me explain. Track nine is titled “Space Aliens” and is a psychedelic rock tribute to the many UFO sightings submitted to the magazine over the years and was performed by local NJ band, Flint Michigan. Yeah. I don’t know if that’s the name of the band collectively or if it’s the stage name for a guy with a guitar and a music kit because “Well, duh”.

Guess what happens when I do a search for anything and include “Flint Michigan” in the range. Right, all I get are news articles about Flint, Michigan. I don’t know if this group or individual is still around or has changed names and probably never will, left to remain an unsolved mystery like the flying objects to which their/his song is dedicated.

I’ve seen the Golden City
On the fringes of forever
I’ve seen the Chinese students
Stand like links in a chain
Seen a man in a spacesuit
Walkin’ on the end of a tether

Space aliens shot a beam of
Pink light through my brain

I’ve read Carl Sagan talkin’
about the Universe expanding
But if you look through my telescope
I swear it always looks the same
You know I love that man and I think
His intellect is quite commanding
But I’m still sure

Space aliens shot a beam of
Pink light through my brain
And it changed me
Yeah it changed me

I was standin’ in the kitchen
Just lookin’ out the window
For six-toed cat paw prints
In the freshly fallen snow
And wonderin’ who might have
Been in that thing I hoverin’
Over my neighbor’s house
There’s some things I guess
Mortal Man just should not know

I’m reading some guy
He’s channeling the wisdom of the ages
Says we’re all gonna transmute to
Some kinda higher vibrational plane
Well he goes on talkin’ dumb like that
For six or seven pages but I’m sure

Space aliens shot a beam of
Pink light through my brain
and it changed me
It changed me
I’m not kiddin’ around with you people

I’m dreamin’ of the Universe all packed up in boxes
Galaxies and nebulae all cubical and tame
I’m sure lots of you guys a dreaming about
[Fern/Furn/Fur And?] bars full of foxes
But not me

Space aliens shot a beam of
Pink light through my brain
And it changed me
And it changed me
I got no reason to lie to you people
Yeah it changed me
For the better I’m sure

Oh green Earth so majestic and serene
I see your mountains and your silver streams
I hear the voices in children’s dreams

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