The Sounds of Weirdness, Pt. 8

Writer’s Note: For the second time now the formatting and content of my progress has been scrambled and/or wiped out by the WordPress editing tool. I don’t know what is happening and I’ve done nothing differently. I’m going to drive myself irate if I keep fiddling with everything so I present this entry to you in, hopefully, a clipped but coherent format.

I was going to just jump right into song No. 8 on The Sounds of Weirdness because my regular research methods uncovered a vast amount of information that needs to be boiled down and the lyrics most definitely contained references that I either couldn’t detail or just plain couldn’t make out. I decided not to because that felt super lazy. Note: this was prior to the editor gaining the Reality Stone and snapping a bunch of my work into a horde of inside-out baboons.

Chumpot’s “The Ballad of Glen Jones & X-Ray Burns” is a tribute to the long-running local radio show The Glen Jones Radio Programme Ft. X-Ray Burns. For over thirty years, Jones has been filling the airwaves with an eclectic range of music ranging from Sinatra to Daft Punk, dropping nuggets of knowledge and stories about life in radio and in general. The show was best known for the back-and-forth banter of Jones and Burns as one would play off of the other with a natural ease that many compared to “shooting the shit with a good drinking buddy.”

I found this article by Bob Rixon that gets into the philosophy of The Glen Jones Radio Programme Ft. X-Ray Burns. At least, I think it does. Having never tuned into the show, some of this hits my brain like forbidden knowledge while other bits make total sense when held up to other writings that I was able to find. I do recommend giving it a read as a) it might fill you in and b) I had it in a blockquote before the baboons attacked and now that it’s gone I had a moment to think on it and felt that that was just filling out this entry just for the sake of additional space.It will definitely give you an idea of why I wanted to try and take my time with this one.

Another prank call from the Tube Bar Tapes precedes this song.

X-Ray Burns passed away in February of 2019 so I’d like to dedicate this entry in The Sounds of Weirdness to his memory. Jones will continue with the program but from what I’ve been able to gather from news articles and the blogs of fans and Jones himself, things just won’t be the same. Enjoy that cold one with Jesus, Burns.

The Glen Jones Show & Archive
The Official DJ Jones
Glen Jones on FB

Oh, and I realize now that I’d completely forgotten to think up a Bold Caption for the past couple songs. It had just slipped my mind but I think the presentation looks a bit better without those so they’ve gone bye-bye. Call it “inspired laziness”.

Above (left to right): Burns, Scott, and Glen

I tried to get the lyrics down but even with a good pair of headphones and the audio slowed down I was still unable to make out too many of the words and I didn’t want the transcript to be cluttered with [?] and parenthesis filled with lines of possible corrections. So enjoy the song and maybe tell me what you hear. :v


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