I’ve got nothing

So I’m pretty much done with the entry for “Glen Jones & X-Ray Burns” from The Sounds of Weirdness and what I have found is this: quotes, paraphrasing, some unclear information, and lots and lots of blog entries and website articles. In other words, I found a lot to read but not much to source without linking back to post after post after post. I won’t even get into the “Search & Notes” folder, it’s a mess. You remember learning how to research, note, and provide a bibliography for papers in school and then taking that knowledge with you into High school and college? Then you’ve been a regular adult for a decade-and-a-half and that knowledge goes- where does it go? Nowhere, it just atrophies from lack of use if you’re most people.

That really sucks. So as much as I don’t like the idea I’m going to have to present several things that I’ve found written by other people with the relevant linkage and whatnot. I know nothing about the radio show because I never listened to it. I don’t know every reference or person mentioned because I wasn’t following newsletters, websites, or the like at the time. Those were just barely things in the late 1990’s. I can’t dig up anything on this or that person anymore because it’s been thirty years and I don’t know where to begin. Next time I’m just going with what I know. Consider this a lesson learned and some practice gained in how to properly do a thing.

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