Quick Bit

I’m trying out my new camera and am having two issues. The first is that I have to manage actual settings now and the second is that I have to regain my recording spark. Well either that or the thing which I’ve selected as an “easy” subject for getting back into videos is turning out to be a massive pain in the ass because it’s so damn small and an absolute son of a bitch to build if you have hands with fingers on them instead of tendrils.

My writing is improving but might be spotty. I was made aware of several points of hard news yesterday that are commanding a large portion of my mind that I otherwise use for Fun Things. There is presently heavy tension between a few of my acquaintances right now that I’m not sure how to handle and I am only just now learning about a death from a few years ago that has had a much deeper impact on my heart and soul than I could have imagined.

I didn’t see any of this coming but I’m doing my best to work through it. The Twitter writing community has been a huge help in this, as has my further research into The Glen Jones Radio Programme Ft. X-Ray Burns for the next entry in my coverage on Weird NJ’s The Sounds of Weirdness album. I’m also thankful for my D&D and Shadowrun: Sixth World groups for providing distractions of laughs and adventure and to those who are encouraging me on my first uncertain steps into writing a book.

I don’t have much news on the book right now as it’s only been a week but I can tell you that it’s a children’s book, much of it is open to interpretation insofar as who the target youth demographic is (I’m sure I can explain that better when I’m more focused.), and it has an alligator as the main character.

I can do this. It’s nothing I haven’t done before.

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