Jinkle & Lockneed: No Guarantees

“Alright, you’ve made your point, now get this dirt out of my eye!” Lockneed barked.

“Yeah, I’m not tha helpful type.” I said

“I summoned you, therefore you are at my command!” he squinted.

I sat, holding my chin “Am I bein’ an inconvenience 😗?”

“Damn you to oblivion, whelp!”

“Damn me? Do ya even imps, Bro?” Lockneed had by now relieved himself o’ the eye-dirt but his mood hadn’t improved. If anything it was even worse.

“You’re a bug, you pester people and that’s it. I’m sending you back!” Back? I can’t work any real chaos back there and that’s just not fun.

“Hold on, Mack,” I grinned, wide and wicked, “the tiniest of nudges can create a domino effect that leads ta grave consequences.”

“All you’re nudging is my temper!”

“Tut-tut, such a short fuse, Needy.”

“Do NOT call me that, imp! I am Lockneed, your master, and you will address me as so!”

“It’s Jinkle, not “imp“.”

“Don’t correct me!”

“Well if we’re on professional terms-”


I would swear that there are days when my job does i’self.😏 Lockneed held his temples and took a deep breath.

“Okay. So you deal in minor annoyances and these minor annoyances can snowball into large-scale chaos.”

“You learn fast, Needy!”

“Look, Jinkle,” he groaned,”is there any way to keep your efforts off of me?”

“Nope! But if you supply me with a steady supply o’ other dopes ta target then I might not focus on you!”


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