Gearing Up & Repairs

I’m cleaning up my little studio and getting boxes organized in preparation for a “relaxed rush” of recording and writing. With my higher quality camera and honing my skill for keeping short stories trimmed there’s going to be a lot going on over the period of time to which I have applied neither scale nor deadline.

Chonky Ghost
Here’s Ghost being fat and content. This is my brain fueled on homemade soup.

Random Bullets!

  • A lot of Lego and MOC builds featuring various builders
  • Get better at writing more often and scheduling posts
  • Less gaming and TV during daylight hours
  • Remember to feed myself
  • Gator/Croc collection in groups, not singly
  • Make shit up if my muse is sleeping in
  • Funny video share!
  • Alex tries Open Mic Night comedy
  • A backlog catalogue of movie muck!
  • D&D fuckery!
  • I has sword :v
  • Games, games, game, flash games, board games, bored games, mind games
  • A box of Voltrons

All that, those, and more. I will not rush, as I have. I will not flash-burn and walk away, as I have. I don’t have to cater to thousands or millions, I have the luck to slow-and-steady it.

A lot of my older videos no longer work because they are linked from Facebook and Facebook must have decided that the only person who can have access to my information is me. Fuck that noise, I’m saving those old vids back onto my drive and fixing the old posts, or even just making an entire new video. I depended on OpenShot Video Editor in the past but it crashes a lot and when you install the update it deletes the “Videos” folder where you save all your processed and compiled work if you keep it in the main folder. Therefore, invest in beginner-friendly editing software! If my hair’s a mess and I end up needing to be in the shot, I’m just doing it. Wearing a winter hat in a video is weird.

Oh wait.

I have now designated Sunday as my Weekly Reader Check & Chat day. I won’t crap on myself for not keeping up with my followed blogs and blogger buddies anymore with a day set aside specifically for the activity. Bacon and eggs with bloggers, Sunday brunch with the bunch.

End stream of consciousness. Applesauce, yo.

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