The Sounds of Weirdness, Pt 6

It’s been a while since I wrote an entry on this album, or anything for that matter. I’ve been in a Twitter cave, which is fitting because you’ll find caves in our next destination. The sixth song from The Sounds of Weirdness takes us to Jenny Jump State Forest, the Pine Barrens, a place of log cabins, big trees, big rocks, and big cliffs. It is from these cliffs that the park gets its name, or rather from the folk history that surrounds one of them: Jenny Jump Mountain:

Jenny Jump Mountain is a 1,112-foot high, 6-mile long ridge. While scenic, the stories behind its name are quite melancholy. According to legend, a young girl was picking berries when she was startled by a Native American. Whether she was actually in danger, we’ll never know. Either way, her father seemed to be concerned for her safety. He yelled out, “Jenny, jump” (presumably into his arms). Unfortunately, she fell to her death. To this day, many report seeing the spirit of a young girl wandering the area…looking for someone to catch her.


Quite a tragic choice of words, innit? It was this story of grand miscommunication that Neblung Price would choose as the muse for their submission to The Marks for the album, simply titled “Jenny Jump”. A brooding sense of hushed doom hangs heavy over the slightly psychedelic twang of guitars that easily evoke the mountain homesteads of the past and the lyrics are both haunting and catchy in a darkly humorous sort of way.

Neblung Price on FB
Neblung Price on CD Baby

My research brought up a lot of cat stuff. Turns out that “Neblung” is a breed of cat and now I want a big gray floof.

See the source image

There was a girl
Picking berries
A lovely pearl
She was very, very

Out of the woods
Into the shining
Came a brave
Who was a tribe, tribe
From the Pines…

Ah-ahhh (x12)

And when they met
She made a bet
She told the tribe
That she could fly

She sat down
Turned around
And Jenny jumped
Into the sky

Ah-ahh (x12)

(guitar-styled vocals)

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