Airing things out

I’ve been writing every day for the last three months on Twitter and that not only caused a creative burnout that required a lot of sleep and consumption of terrible movies, but it also took my attention away from here. A lot has gone on in the community while I let the light bulbs go out around here and a lot of crap needs dusting off.

I’ll be picking back up talking about The Sounds of Weirdness with what will most likely be a short entry either tonight or tomorrow morning. “When” depends on how much or how little information I find on the song, band, and history.

I have also forgotten how long it’s been since I collected my Twitter writing into an entry so I’ve opted to just stop doing that and creating a Pinned post for my Twitter for those interested in my latest entries. Good solution, I think.

I’ll be performing a long-term overhaul of the blog. Layout and learning the code, I’ll be digging into the meat of WordPress in an effort to make it look a bit less like I’m just throwing something at the screen. I don’t plan to bring order to the chaos, I’m just rearranging it.

There is going to be a ton of building, reviews, and reboots in the months ahead so I’m giving myself an early Birthday gift and looking at real cameras with bigger storage, better performance, and better picture and zoom capabilities. A real, albeit sensible, recording microphone will be joining the studio as well so that you can actually hear me, too.

Things to do, people to catch up with,


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