Lame Toys with Alex, Pt. 21: ROBOT Tank

This review was made by a tired, sweaty guy in a stuffy little closet studio with the fan off. I haven’t been able to get an AC unit into any of the upstairs windows and it isn’t for lack of trying, I either need a ladder or a really good support bracket to get it out the window and our window sills aren’t the best. So while I may have toiled in the heat for maybe a dozen people to chuckle at this thing, the people need to see the merits, or lack thereof, of the lame pieces of junk in the world and I made that part of my weird mission for some reason.

This initially impressive figure is another one of those “ROBOT Transforming Vehicle” things that hang around at the Family Dollar hoping to either be mistaken for a celebrity or avoid the “Wait, isn’t this just-” questions by being street-bland. This anonymous blue tank would like you to think that he’s not entirely¬†lifted from the Legend-class movie Brawl figure by presenting as a Blah but once I had it pointed out to me by a pal who collects and customizes these things all I will see now is a stubby version of my Deluxe-class figure from the first movie who was put together by the King’s men. I accidentally refer to this bot as “Brawn” before that only because I’m trying to track down a Kre-o Brawn mini-fig at the moment, plus they sound the same when I’m thinking. Let’s call this “Tread-Well…” because it doesn’t roll. You’ll see.

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