Music (Tuesday): The Sounds of Weirdness Pt. 2

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I had a full day of errands yesterday and by the time I got home I was just hungry, tired, and wanted to get the day’s #vvs365 from the Twitter writing community churned out. This caused the fact that it was Monday to slip my mind so I’m making it up today.

When I set out to cover this album I knew that the amount of information I would be able to glean about each track and associated legend or historical blurb would be “some” at best and “absolutely nothing” at worst, last week’s treasure trove of information and accompanying music video was an unexpected discovery. I was able to track down this article that talks about how Weird NJ brought Local Jersey musicians together for an album that would reflect the stories and articles that made and continues to make the magazine a hit with readers both in the state and across the country. All I could find on the band Cosmic Avenger was this excerpt:

”The World’s First Airshow (N. Arlington 1909),” by a young group called Cosmic Avenger, is a psychedelic pop gem that recounts a proud moment in the history of the group’s hometown. But the song’s origins betray an attitude about historical research that is somewhat different from that of Mr. Clemente, or of Mr. Sceurman and Mr. Moran.

”On the back of the library card from North Arlington Public Library, it says it’s home of the world’s first air show,” said John Pompilio, who sang and played guitar on the song. ”So we just wrote the song about that.”

There was indeed an air show in Jew Jersey at the start of the Twentieth Century but I was unable to dig up any information on it and all of my Weird NJ issues are currently in storage so I can’t take one out and leaf through it to study the article. I do recall that it was supposed to have been a rather crazy affair with people trying to get all manner of bizarre contraptions to fly in a variety of ways. One photo stands out clearly in my mind, that of a man in a full asbestos suit lighting a fuse behind an assortment of struts and wheels strapped to a chair. I don’t think that went very well.

Lyrics from this point on will be a bit difficult because it’s not always possible to make out what’s being said in many of these songs and the CD jacket contained a summary of what each song was in reference to from the magazine but no lyrical information. “The World’s First Air Show ((N. Arlington 1909)” is going to be the first of those tricky songs. That I hear will be in brackets but most likely will not actually be what the group is singing. The track includes an introduction from Hoop, King-O-Art.

Update: this entry found its way to the wife of the recording artist who provided me with the missing pieces in the lyrics. I love the internet.

To New Jersey, and BEYOND!

See the people in the sky
Tiny birds who fly so high
Auntie took us, we were so young
Had no fears, we had such fun

We’re at the world’s first air show
With all the children standing ’round
It was happening at the world’s first air show

Tracing smoke rings through the air
Sunglassed eyes from Valley Fair
Laughed and played upon the grass
And the day just went so fast

We’re at the world’s first air show
With all the children standing ’round
It was happening at the world’s first air show

‘Stalgia is the drug I take
Eat it like a birthday cake
And the icing is so sweet
When I dream of girls we’ll meet
At the world’s first air show

3 thoughts on “Music (Tuesday): The Sounds of Weirdness Pt. 2

  1. My husband and his brother wrote this song. The lyrics were “sunglasses eyes” and “nostalgia” but they just sing “stalgia”. Thank you, this is the first time I’ve heard this because I don’t think they have a copy of the album!

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