Network Issues

My ability to upload new posts may become spotty for a little while. Recently my personal wireless router has been unable to connect with Xfinity and I’m not sure what’s causing it and now even their Xfinity WiFi service has started to drop in and out. Factors could include the heavy rain we’ve been having almost daily for the past two weeks causing an outage, some issue on my end that I haven’t tracked down yet, or maybe the router just needs a plain old reset again.

I’ve continued working through it but not having TV or Roku has been annoying. I have plenty of movies that I can pop in for an easy review but I’ve got a list, I need at least an imaginary sense of control to keep the wheels turning! It’s not related but our garbage also hasn’t been taken away (Xfinity WiFi started to fail right here and I almost lost some shit.) for three weeks. The same thing’s happened to our neighbors and some people a few streets over. The trash company is still happy to take our money, of course. What the hell? The cans are full and it’s been humid and wet for two weeks, they are fucking rank!

Grumping along, doing some typing, recording some stuff. Does anyone see this stuff? I shrug and forge on. Enjoy a good brownie, reader, you deserve it.

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