Music Monday: Shpongled Potatoes

Original graphic by The Tattooed Book Geek

I’m slowly cranking it back up after taking some time off to sort out the clutter in my house and upstairs in the studio. My mental health is starting to level out again and I’m on track to keeping the place cool without any noisy fan or machine cutting into any video work.  I’ve also decided to stop attempting to plan out the path of this blog in advance. That’s gotten me nothing but stuck on multiple movie drafts while stuff I planned to cover gets taken off of streaming from this or that service; rental fees, yay. So whatever I have to finish, smash, there goes the potato. Whatever build I happen to goof with or even look at on any given day, smash, there goes the potato. Basically whatever I get on that day, smash the potato.


So that mindset brings us to today’s music. I didn’t spend any time scrolling and searching for inspiration, I just really like the group Shpongle, therefore Shpongle. “When Shall I Be Free/The Stamen of the Shamen” is of particularly excellent quality. When I listen to this paired duo it feels like taking a trip around the world in my head as cultures and peoples whiz by a dizzying speed. So kick back, relax, and do your thing at your speed. Magical brownies optional.

When shall I be free?
When I shall cease to be?
No more I, but we
In perfect harmony

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