Some Self-Care

I haven’t been getting much work done as far as blog entries go. There hasn’t been any progress in videos, writing, weird, nothing. Well I figured out what was causing that and it wasn’t writer’s block or procrastination. It was my house, or rather the state of my house. A sink clogged with dishes, laundry piling up all over my closets, kitchen counters and table covered with stuff, the living room cluttered with stuff and and mostly assembled entertainment center waiting on a few replacement parts. The place was beginning to overwhelm me while I hardly left it unless we needed groceries, wanted to eat somewhere, or my gaming group was meeting up.

Doesn’t sound like a mentally healthy place to work, does it?

So I’ve been letting my muscles recover (Separate story with the new furniture and July 4th.) and cleaning up my room with some better storage. I’m retaking the other rooms section by section and they already look better, therefore I’m starting to feel better. The last trick will be keeping my studio cool. I say trick because trying to get either of our air units into any of the second-floor windows is madness. Madness for how the units were designed, madness for how tiny the window ledges are, and madness for how we’re supposed to wrestle them into place while shutting the window. I don’t know how the people that remodeled the place would have installed them in the first place without the help of ladders.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been doing. When my environment improves, I improve.

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