A Good Day plus Writing! plus Short Vids!

Yesterday was a good day. I had a series of tough days right in a row but yesterday was perfect. I didn’t wake up with back or joint pain so I was able to get ready for errands with plenty of time to actually run them. The brother and me went downtown to the shops hunting for perfect gifts for Father’s Day and our sister’s birthday after I had my hair trimmed back into comfortable order.

Now there’s a chance that my sister actually reads this stuff and while I know that my parents don’t I won’t get into details just in case she gets excited and tells them about it. My own parents don’t read my blog, how’s that for support and encouragement.

No, they get that I don’t need encouragement at this point. I got it as a kid and now I’ll do crazy stupid shit without much prompting.

We stopped in a local bookstore and aside from some promising Thriller and Crime titles I found a book called STRANGE, True Stories of the Mysterious and Bizarre so you can bet that we’ll be having all kinds of fun with that in the weeks ahead.

My latest shortie of weird fiction is coming along and between sessions of that I’m writing a totally serious and not at all a spoof guide to writing when you can’t write.

I have a backlog of old toys and odd stuff that I could easily squeeze into two minutes and here I am fretting over stuff that would take twenty minutes. I’m trying to build a car without a framework. That’s not how it works. I’ve also got a blog “mascot” of sorts to introduce and I’m not really concerned if people like it or not because I’ve met the thing and I certainly don’t most of the time.

So: good day, happy, enthusiastic, working of stuff. Positive.

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