Music Monday: Pedal to the Metal Head

Original graphic by The Tattooed Book Geek

On this particular day I didn’t have anything specific in mind so I cast my line into the internet depths looking of some of those weird mid-ocean animals. I brought up some songs made into fan-made videos that really spoke to my own personal life and struggles, a couple of flashy lyric videos that looked cool but were ultimately nonsensical, and more than a few seemingly perfect catches that turned out to only have developed excellent camouflage. Then my hook went heavy and I pulled up a robot head. If you’re fishing for fish, that’s going to grab your attention right quick.

“Pedals” was recorded and performed by Jack Conte who I only learned as of today through this video, made back in 2013, is the CEO and co-founder of a little thing called Patreon. It seems that everyday I learn yet another thing that everybody else knows. My finger is on the pulse of the pinky toe. So the whole design and production value of this video just causes every episode of Red Dwarf to run through my head at the same time. There’s a weird singing robot head rolling around on a little tram, a hexopod executing perfect dance moves and working the beats, and Conte himself, who may or may not also be an implied robot, jamming out on the guitar. It’s weird. It’s original. It’s what I need. I’m glad the web has a tool that provides artists with the means to give life to work like this.

Mecha Metal

Hog Pog Vox Wah Ocatave Multiplexer
Big Muff Memory Man Boss Chromatic Tuner
Polyphase MicroSynth Frequency Analyzer
Voice Box Electric Mistress Freeze Tube Zipper

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