Cool Builds: Kre-o Micro Changers Iceberg and Sharkticon

Having recently recovered from “The Sick”, I have shoved myself back into doing actual blog stuff again, so let’s do some blog stuff! There are two more Micro Changers to be built and since I now remember that their names are in the flipping title I can’t make a “tiny spoilers” funny.

So our first bot, Iceberg, is also the first Autobot that I lucked out on with these bags and Autobots are all well and good. You’ve got big-rig trucks, motor cycles, helicopters, jeeps, vans, and plenty of sports cars and army vehicles to pick from, but Iceberg, well… you would probably imagine an ice-breaker ship or a submarine but you’d also be wrong. Iceberg’s vehicle mode is… a snowplow.

Now the Autobots have always had a utilitarian theme going with their alt-modes that goes beyond “kill everything” and serve real-world uses, but a snowplow? That’s the most Autobot thing ever. He would either have to be stationed very specifically to serve actual purpose with an alt-mode like that, like in an arctic base, or else hope that Transformers has a ton of Christmas specials. Could he shove things with his plow? Sure, but in the off-season he is going to be ridiculously obvious. I wonder if he would get hot, too. Do alt-modes have the same rules as clothing?

That’s overthinking it.

But of course you already know that I also got one of the two figures that I was really after. Glen came back from a run to the store one day and tossed me the small bag. “Here, last one they had out today.” I open it up and a Sharkticon is peeking out at me from the instruction manual. The “Snoopy Dance” is really, really hard to replicate using actual human anatomy and I don’t recommend it if you haven’t stretched first. Don’t use it as a reaction is what I’m saying. Where’s that bag of ice?

So what the heck’s a “sharkticon”? Sharkticons made their first appearance in the Metal-powered hallucinogenic trip that was the 1985 animated Transformers: The Movie. Ask your parents if you’re too young to be familiar with it, if they’re anything like me there’s probably a copy of it on a shelf somewhere within twenty feet of them and the reaction will be better than any Google search. Here’s a bunch of them about to get munched by Grimlock:

Now of course the Kre-o Sharkticon doesn’t look like this. It’s as far from an original Sharkticon as you can get but these guys have appeared in many different forms on TV and in comics so it’s a form of Sharkticon and that’s just fine with my inner child. 😀

Next time: a transforming build that actually transforms!

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