Norton Warnings? Editing Errors?

I’ve been trying to visit other blogging pages that I follow to read and chat with my blog buds but I’m having a tough time doing it because my anti-virus software keeps redirecting me due to “data collection”. That’s not helpful as it could range anywhere from “a cookie” to “what kind of beverage am I drinking this very second”. That would be Crisp Aloe GLOE aloe water by the way so Norton doesn’t have that to worry about now, does it?

I can’t get around this trashy-trash so I’m slowly going through the Reader feed which I can access with less trouble but I want it now, Papa! *tantrum* ヽ(`Д´)ノ

Another thing that I’ve noticed over the past couple days is that the Write and editing page has lost the spell checker button. I highly doubt that it got buried in my sock drawer and not just because I don’t have a sock drawer but because everyone knows that buttons go on shirts. Buttoned socks just sound way too uncomfortable to me. I suppose I should switch to the new editor for now.

What do you know, there it is. That’s some deviantART levels of “use the new system we made” but whatever. I still haven’t got a clue what these “blocks” are or how they work because I’m given zero options. Having to look up intuitive things is always great, isn’t it? Oh wait, no, there it is at the bottom of the screen. Where was it before? Is this how Alzheimer’s starts? ಠ_ಠ

There was a problem communicating with the Proofreading system. Please try again later.


The hobgoblin in the closet


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