Croco/Gators: The Yarn Crocodile & “Jumpie” Gator

Now that I have a proper studio to work in that can also hold the display portion of my crocodile and alligator collection (Items like mugs, bottle openers, and other practical things don’t go on the shelf.) I think it’s more than time to start doing something with them again. There’s really no reason not to, they’re all very literally right next to me.

So this rather odd-looking piece comes from an art and goods shop here in town called Gallery 30. If you live in Gettysburg or have ever visited town then you might know it as “the gourd place” due to the large selection of painted and decorated gourds that hang around the outside of the shop and front door racks or line the shelves within. Chances are that you may also be familiar with the carved wooden figures hung on springs called “Jumpies” that continuously bounce around in the front windows and from the ceiling.

I have found that if I visit a store long enough, eventually I’m going to see something croc or gator-related for sale there and Gallery 30 was no exception. They have several bins filled with yarn creatures ranging from animals and fantasy creatures to video game characters and Godzilla. A colony of wall-eyed crocodiles had taken up residence in the bin and so one ended up in my bag.

“After he brought me home I sat in a paper bag waiting for a place to hang but the kitten found me first and I ended up on the floor. I took no damage because I’m a tough old son of a bitch.”

The style is so exaggerated that I just have to love that face. On a later visit to the shop I ended my browsing next to the shelf where “Jumpies” just sat on display, possibly to think about what they had done, and wouldn’t you know it but there were a bunch of alligator ones sitting right there among them.

This was the only one that wasn’t holding a football. I don’t know if it was even a sports reference, the others looked just like this.

So there they are, the two guys in the collection who hang there and judge me with their vacant eyes as I try to focus on getting the littlest of anything done around here. Creepy.

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