Music Monday: A Palace Double

Original graphic by The Tattooed Book Geek

I’ve had a very busy, tiring week so apologies if this is a bit incoherent.

I’ve touched briefly on Caravan Palace before and thought that now was good a time as any to showcase them again, mainly because I only did it the one time and you deserve more of their high-powered charisma. Originally I was only going to present one video but since Weird is the primary name of the game here I have instead opted for two because I can’t not share what I watched today.

When I went online to check their collection out I noticed that they had a new music video for “Miracle”, the title track of their latest album. The video was released two months ago but, fitting in with the 4/20 weekend, almost immediately burnt its way through a monster blunt and went straight for the ‘shrooms. It begins with a Spanish explorer/conquistador making his way through the dense South American jungle. He finds a giant flower with a vagina at its center and passes out.

I may not have pointed out before that a lot of Caravan Palace’s songs and videos use the idea of sex or sexual imagery to paint the song’s picture so there you are. Things proceed from there as he’s taken to a village that seems to only be inhabited by women (Do the math.) when suddenly we get a left-field twist and I’m just left considering the setting and thinking, “Oh, of course that was the direction all of this was heading in, that totally makes all kinds of sense.”

I’m skipping the lyrics today in order to fit both music videos together. The second video is a collaborative cover of “Black Betty” between Caravan and dance group The Rocket. It’s fast, fun, and really gets you moving.

Hallucination or fornication?


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