Music Monday: Folk beyond time

Original graphic by The Tattooed Book Geek

I’m going to be up front about this: I am not always the best with lyrics. I went through several potential songs to share today and I kept hitting roadblocks with them because I don’t speak any European languages. I fell asleep to rain last night and today has been misty and cool so I’ve been in a specific mood for music that reflects that feeling of misty trees and flowers that could be of any time; call it “Dark Crystal quality”. It could be ageless or it could be right now. I don’t know how well I’m communicating a wholly mental concept.

So I stopped worrying about all of the details and focused in on that feeling and a name rose to the surface: Myrkur. I’ve been a fan of her music ever since she showed up on a page I follow dedicated to exotic and rare musical instruments, this particular one being a Nyckelharpa. Perhaps it’s simply exposure to something out of my normal experience but her vocal and instrumental talents always invoke something or someplace just beyond memory, a secret that hides within nature and teases us humans with shadows of its existence like a mischievous fey. Most of all, her music brings stillness to my whirring mind, a momentary break that I’m always glad to have.

“Another world, another time…”
Myrkur on YouTube
Myrkur on Facebook

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