Cool Builds: Kre-o Micro Changers Long Haul and Barrage

This edition of Cool Builds is brought to you by the magic of YouTube! The future is here, file sizes be damned! On my last outing to pick up some yard tools and munchies I saw several of these Kre-o Transformers pouches and decided to try my luck at getting a pair of “The Good Ones”, but rather than a beefy car or either the gloriously insane Sharkticon or personal favorite Sgt. Kup I ended up with a dump truck and a bug.

Oh well, I can work with that. Just let me build it a few times and get a feel for these figures that I didn’t want. Pseudo-buyer’s remorse on a gamble of $3 is absurd so let’s just drop that whole concept and have a look at these two micro-villains.

First up we have Mr. Long Haul, a Decepticon of Constructicon/Devastator fame sporting a wicked grin and bucket hat as well as his own built-in “hover board”, who rebuilds into the dumpiest of tiny dump trucks.

And second out of the pouch we have Beetle Barrage, the Decepticon/Insecticon whose name I keep butchering for four minutes straight. “BarrAHge, not BarrAGE. LevioSAH.” He does a better job of using most of his pieces even if they’re all just mashed into a backpack and stuck to his neck.

I talk like a big dork who’s having a grand time and I love it. I’m getting back into what I enjoy doing and I thank you for popping in and possibly enjoying it a little as well. 🙂

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