It’s been too long since I did a movie, toy, art, book, or writing post. Spring is here and I’ve started getting yard work done, I’ve started getting house work done, and I’ve been getting more and more side-tracked from the blog, mostly from procrastination at the start of every project. This is a blog and I haven’t been blogging the way I want to. Are my subjects too broad? I don’t know.

My solution will be to get up early, shut myself in my studio and record several short videos, schedule those, and then not come out until I’ve punched out the current movie review and ONLY the current movie review, nothing else from that folder. I will then have lunch and get at least a partial draft of the creepy tale that I’d said I’d write based on a Little Fears drawing. I will also schedule a series of art features, music posts, and alligator stuff. Only after accomplishing these simple tasks will I go off and do anything else.

I have nothing else to do tomorrow so there’s no reason not to, so do it, me!


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