Blog Busy

Music Monday didn’t happen yesterday but this time there was a good reason. Besides the fact that I repeated a song, I also got into a major rhythm of hacking away at the backlog folder and getting a requested film article published; I got a press release, the first one while running this blog so the whole business has been really exciting. As of today the film has reached 71% of their crowdfunding goal so I have a fist in the air and a, “Wooo!” going for the whole team.

I’ve decided that my recording studio is good enough for filming purposes. I can get by with the chair I have for the time being and my phone has served me well as a camera up to this point. I’ve got good lighting and plenty of material to go through so I’ll work with what I’ve got, you know? Maybe the warming weather and flowers sprouting in the front yard are lifting me out from the procrastination pit. I suppose that’s it then, there’s work to be done. šŸ˜€

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