Studio Progress

Glen brought back an old shelving display from work that they were just going to junk. It stayed in the van for a little while until he had people available to help get it up the stairs and now it has been successfully installed in my walk-in closet for the purpose of storing blog material and also just being a useful set of shelves in general.

The closet has its own lighting and is shielded from the windows so I will have full control of detail and pesky shadows. The folding table I use for videos and photos can be stowed underneath the bottom shelf when not in use and fits perfectly in the available space with a little bit of wiggle room. So far, so good. Once I’m able to put up a folding door I’ll also be able to keep the cats out of it. They haven’t left the place alone since I completely cleaned it out and put new stuff in.

Part of their curiosity stems from the multitude of crocodiles and alligators it currently holds. For the first time in years I have more space than collection. They can’t really do anything to most of it but I don’t want gnaw marks anything and I don’t trust them with the glass and stone pieces. They’re cats, cats will find a way to break anything, carpeted floors be damned.

Image may contain: indoor
Glen got me that “Crocks” kitchen sign as a goof.

So I have my storage and a base to hold my laptop. I have my filming table and “good enough” chair while I shop for a more comfortable chair that will fit in the space. I have a new tripod for my phone that’s a bit worrisome but I’ll be taking intact parts from the first broken one to replace the new parts that make me nervous, which will serve while I save up and compare actual cameras. If I can get an old PC tower for storage and backup that would be even better. All that’s needed now is to loosen up and throw procrastination out the window.

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