Still at it, just behind the scenes

I’ve got a backlog of entries and a backlog of Reader due to frustration in dealing with Motor Vehicle and Social Security. I need a new card issued in order to get my PA state ID card, something that should have been real easy if I hadn’t made the mistake of trying to actually read a government website that doesn’t involve humans. I live in a small town so I’m lucky to have a MVA location as it is, but the nearest SSA building is a few towns over just as I expected it to be. Raise your hands if you enjoy being trapped in an endless loop with a robot because it isn’t programmed to handle your question.

So I keep falling behind on posting and then I feel dumb. I fall behind on my Reader and then feel bad. You could call this a warning then as in the next several weeks if I’m subscribed to your blog, you’re getting spammed by attention due to my neurotic need to make up for it. Sometimes I can’t fix me, hooray for the squishy meat in our skulls!

So I have my tripod. The quality of this new tripod is iffy so I’m going to take the unbroken parts from the original one and use those to replace the bits that worry me, like the screw which holds the clamp to the legs which feels like it’s going to shear itself apart if I use the thing more than five times. Glen hooked me up with a set of shelves for the purposes of blog storage and I’m shoving everything into my closet/studio.

From there I’m going to barf out as many Builds and whatever else as I can and get them scheduled for posting. Then once I don’t have to think about any of those I’m going to kick a horde of movies out of the queue folder where they’ve been comfortably not pulling their weight. During all of that I’m just taking a shot of every crocodile or alligator that I’ve collected (A very brief video if any warrant it.) and just stagger them all out.

Hopefully by this point enough of my head will be in the computer that my writing will be allowed to go undisturbed and I won’t keep forgetting that it’s Monday until I’ve run my brain out of music and need to recharge it. I have no ending for this. Lobster.

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