A Little Collaboration

I’ve been busy with chores and getting a movie in so I got to this a bit later in the day than I initially planned. Why is washing the dishes so zen?

Over the past month I’ve been working in collaboration with my blogger buddy Peter over at The Little Fears on a short story that would fit into either the setting or the style of his work. I set down a few “starting arrows” leading to puns and to darkness. I ended up having one of those moment where you just can’t churn out a decent pun to save your life, so I turned onto Darkness Boulevard. I tinkered with spooky skeleton stories before settling on what I deemed effectively chilling: what if I presented the readers with a sad yet relatable, possibly even familiar situation and then took that one bit of comfort away from them?

After boiling the narrative down to under 500 characters in length, a real fun challenge for me as I tend to burn brightest in a small format, I handed the story in to Peter. I say “the story” because in all the brain busting I hadn’t even thought of a title. Pete’s a smart cookie though and christened it “The Swing“, a fitting title for several reasons the more that I think about it now. I had a ton of fun working on this and Peter’s narration really brings the whole brief but terrible moment to life, I couldn’t be happier.


6 thoughts on “A Little Collaboration

  1. I’m gonna curse. It has been that long since he asked us to do this? F***! I’m a horrible person. I’ve yet to get this in. I’ve been swarmed with life crap. I’m trying to come back. I miss posting and reading everyone. I am working on my novel. Hope you’re well. I really do need to do this and hand it to Pete if he still wants.

    *swings over to read “the Swing”*

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