Cool Builds: Cyborg PterAttackTyl

My filming tripod has been sitting in its shipping bag because I need it as proof-of-residence to get my Pennsylvania state ID now that I’m no longer living in New Jersey. As the comedy of bureaucratic errors involved is a dumb story, I’ll just be sticking with, “It’s still in the package.”, rather than make this post any less about building with Lego.

So Glen The Bro gifted me with both the Classic Green and Creator Mighty Dinosaurs (31058) set after learning that I would be working on Lego projects for the blog. I had wanted to hold off on touching them until I had the new tripod open and on the table but let’s be real for a moment: these are Lego sets and I am Me. Besides, familiarizing yourself with how the models go together before attempting to film a build is good practice, right? So I built the Rex, Triceratops, and Any-Pterosaur (I have just found instructions for the “secret” 4th sauropodĀ  model shown on the back of the “3-in-1” box so I’ll be doing that one as well.) and put each through its poses and motion tests. Sounds more technical than it actually is.

Main point, the flyer model used the least amount of blocks out of the three and, as any Lego Head does, I started messing around with them. Of the three dinosaurs, this one didn’t incorporate the curved dark-green brick into the head for brows. In fact, it didn’t make use of it at all. So I’m looking at this rather large brick and I think to myself, “This looks like it could be a saddle.” So I put it on top of the “Ptero” and put a mini-fig on there. Then I thought, “He needs a harness and some extra support or he’d just fall off.” It was when I took three pieces and made a gun barrel that the obvious Dino Riders conclusion was reached.

Image may contain: indoor
Cyber-punk Dinotopia

Say hello to the cybernetic-enhanced battle flyer, or the PterAttackTyl.

  • The head-mounted Comms Relay is patched directly into the helmet of the animal’s Flight Partner, allowing for both the transmitting and receiving of information and an empathic form of communication between Flyer and Partner
  • Control of the twin wing-mounted machine guns is handled by the Partner’s saddle controls, as are the mechanical fins mounted above the animal’s legs, thus allowing the two to work in mental tandem to increase flight maneuverability beyond natural limitations
  • Studs and sensors dot the Flyer, acting both as armor and feeding technical data of every implant to the Partner
  • The small boosters act on a short delay to provide the flighty beasts with a moment to know that the kick is coming. Even the best technology can’t always override natural instinct

Remember: leftover pieces are frosting and sprinkles! Keep building šŸ˜€

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