Villain WIP Excerpt – Torture

This excerpt told me so much about these two characters that to call it “mere” would be an insult. Also it’s spicy good. :-*

Fiction in My Head

“You haven’t a trace of villain in you. Why are you called such a thing?” She teased with a faint smile not wanting to give herself away too much.

“My father gave me the name after I stole his bow and arrow, then gave it to one of the gypsies during the Baltian War.” His answer was serious. He wanted her to see his intentions, his heart.

“Hmmm… A villain with a cause perhaps?”

“Perhaps.” He said closing in on her. His intense dark eyes fixed on the lines of her pink, plump mouth.

“You’re a strange creature… V.”

She whispered swallowing under her breath, mesmerized by his prison stare.  Villain’s silence was loud with heavy sighs. His warmth slowly encapsulating her against the wall. He continued to close in on her until only their breaths remained between them and the brown in their eyes locked the fire in…

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